Nice, France

Nice, France is on the southeastern coast of France on the Meditteranean. It is in the area referred to as the "French Riviera". Cannes, Nice, Monaco, Monte-Carlo all are among the last cities until you reach Italy. We rented mopeds and rode almost all the way to Italy along the coast, easily one of the coolest things we did all semester. Enjoy the pics and finally some DECENT weather!

Here is Brad claiming victory over something on the beach the first night.

I act unsurprised at the good weather and awesome view

Here we are playing on the beach. Notice that the beach is full of rocks. Also notice that its only about 70 degrees. Also notice that NOONE is in the freezing cold water. Except us

Pip just ran in and is running from the water as hypothermia chases him

We chill at the edge of the water. I really mean CHILL. Im white

More fun on the coast. Francis is looking for fish in the background

They all lay out while i take pictures of them. Many theres some white dudes

Here is a view of the sunset from the roof of our hotel, which was a sunroof with tables and chairs where we hung out a lot.

Here is the first moped picture, and I was the first rider. I rented one and showed everybody how to use it. Not everyone listened obviously . . .

Here we are at our first stop on the moped tour overlooking a beautiful bay.

Here is the bay we overlooked and drove around all day. Not bad huh?

Brad and Joe get ready to roll out

John takes a picture of us as cars wiz by.

All 6 of us are present, with (from the rear) Joe, Me, Brad, Pip, Francis, and John

Here is another view further towards Monaco

Here is the man, unshaven as I might be

Here is the view from atop our hotel roof lounge that we made home for a few days.

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