This is where our journey begins. Enjoy the ride.

Here I am the first night in the Times Square of Madrid. So so.

Pip and Francis are already tired of me taking pictures, and its only the first night

Here we are at the Palacio Real in Madrid, where many kings of Spain lived

Here we are in front of some of the fountains at the Palacio Real

Here we all are inside the Palacio. U should know us by now, but from left to right, Elliot(me), John Reed, Jeff Piposar, Joe Dursi, Brad Buser, and Francis Stefanski

I take too many of these, but this is a dome in the Palacio's private chapel

5 of us stand in the forum of the Palacio Real

I am added to the group as i surrender my camera to Brad

Brad and I pause for a pic in front of some building in downtown Madrid

This is a pic from one of the parks we were at in Madrid

Break 2 -- Toledo April 1st and 2nd

Break 2 -- Barcelona -- April 2nd - 4th

Break 2 -- Nice -- April 4th - 7th

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