Paris, France

We definitely had a busy weekend. A weekend full of sites and picture taking produced some solid pics. Francis, Mike, Joe, and me were the main group of the pics. John and Brad were with their families in Paris, yet we met up with them and others.

Joe and John at night at the Arc de Triumph

Here the 5 of us stand at a famous fountain

Diana, Erica, and Leah met up with us for these pics

I join the action

The Eiffel tower is in my grasp

Mrs. Monna Lisa shows her stuff, however anti-climactic it may seem

I stand in front of one of the largest paintings I have ever seen. Its of Napolean crowing somebody

Venus with no arms, a famous statue in the Louvre museum

Joe and I pose in front of the Louvre

Here Francis and Joe stand opposite the Louvre. You can see the Arc de Triumph far in the background

I flex like the statue

We rest a little bit in the Musee d'Orsay, a former train station

Heres what I do after 3 hours in Museums

Joe drinks coke while Francis stares into nowhere thinking to himself, "I hope I dont lose us again."

Me and Mike pose in front of the Notre Dame Cathedral in the background

My trademark shot of Notre Dame

Inside the beautiful and old cathedral.

I give a French woman a look of "friendship" after she walked right in front of my picture. Some pics are best when they dont go as planned

A stained glass window in Notre Dame

Here we are on our boat cruise around the center of Paris

The Eiffel tower at dusk from the boat.

The Eiffel tower at the end of the boat tour

From the very tip top of the Eiffel tower overlooking the river.

Here is the spotlight that goes around the whole town from the top of the tower. Cool pic

Sunday we went to Versailles, where Louis the 14th built his enormous and lavish castle.

Here is the famous "Hall of mirrors" inside the castle

Here I am in front of some fireplace in one of his thousand "sitting rooms"

We take a picture in the famous mirrors of the hall of mirrors

Joe and Francis pose for me in the hall

I take Joe's place

This is the Hall of Battles, which has a painting of most of France's major battles through the years

I stand in the Hall of Battles

Here is a painting of when the French helped us beat the British at the Battle of York like in the movie The Patriot

Here we pose ghetto style in the gardens

Here is a view of the side garden of Louis XIV

Here Joe, Mike, and I pose with the main part of the gardens behind us

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