Hangin in London

We just hung around London this weekend and got ready for our break next week. Buser twin number 2 (Paul) was in town from Rome, so we had to show him a good time. On Sunday we had the Notre Dame London Program Soccer Classic, with the first 4 floors playing the top 4 floors. We (the first four floors) won 4 to 1 and had a good time trying to play "football" We will be taking TONS of pictures over our break so look for more pics the week of April 7th. Thanks and enjoy

Andrew, Scott, Me, Brad, birthday girl Annie, and Francis pose for a pic

The Buser twins with two lucky ladies

As you can see, I am 6 feet tall

One twin got all the height I guess . . .

Here is the White Tower, which is the oldest building inside the Tower of London, which spans 16 acres

Here we are in front of the White Tower

Francis takes over for me

These are the guards of the Tower of London area, called Beefeaters. You may recognize them from the Liquor bottles, or so I hear

Here the four of us pose in front of the Tower of London area

The Buser twins and Francis stop in front of ole Big Ben

Francis, Paul Buser, and Me are in front of the closed Westminster Abbey

Here I am, claiming my rightful throne at Buckingham

The Buser Twins pose in front of Buckingham Palace

This was the losing team, the top four floors. They lost 4 to 1 and notice i'm not on the losing team

Here is the winning team. We had 4 goals and a solid defense. Go Titans.

Here is the entire group. The program paid for us to rent a full sized astroturf field that was in a nearby park. It was really fun and the weather turned out great.

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