Weekend of March 1 - 3

Not much here. Brad and myself went to the world famous Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum in London. Unbelievably realistic and accurate portrayals of all types of people throughout history. Some were more real than others, and many of them look much better in person than in these pics. We were in London the whole weekend so not much else exciting there.

Here is myself in a Jaguar S-K. We went to the main Jaguar factory and got to walk down the production line. Cameras were only allowed here in the showroom. I will buy one soon.

Here is the small group from my International accounting class that went. It was a few undergrads and some MBA students on the right.

Here me and Brad itimidate the British boxer Frank Bruno

Muhammed Ali fears us

Morgan Freeman and Brad Pit look away to avoid the embarassment of being in a picture with Brad.

Me and Bogey hang out. Casablanca is the greatest movie of all time.

Brad touches Alfred Hitchcock. Cool

I hang out with Kennedy, FDR, Gerald Ford, George Bush Jr, and George Senior.

Me and the president up close. I tell him I agree with his view on the "Axis of Evil"

Me and Brad do something that we should have done at the end of WW1. Shoot Hitler

Me and Brad do something we should do now. Shoot Saddam.

Brad tries to wipe the "ketchup" from Mikhail Gorbechov's head. I told Brad not to do that because its permanent.

Me and British Prime Minister Tony Blair exchange views as to why America is better.

Finally, Brad and Myself realize that Mr. T has a complex due to his lack of height.