London Super Bowl Weekend -- Feb 1 - 3

We stayed in London this weekend to see some sights, take it easy, hang out with some Notre Dame Dublin kids, and to hopefully watch the Super Bowl. We didnt take many pics but here are the few best. Next weekend we will be in Munich, so lots of pics we be up next week.

Here is the group before we went to one of the largest clubs in London called Fabric. Man we are dressed up sharp.

Big Ben himself. Actually, the clock is the only thing called Big Ben, but the tower is not technically part of Big Ben.

Here are the girls from across the hall before we all went out to Fabric. Man, they look sharp dont they?

This is the world's largest ferris wheel. It can fit about 20 people in each of those compartments, and takes about 30 minutes to go around. Its about 15 bucks, and we will do it eventually.

Another view on the Thames River of Parliament. I walk by here usually once a week or more.

Here we are back at the pub. This pub had an Arkansas style name, being called "The Hog in the Pound" . I yelled out, "OOOOOOOOO . . . Pig . . Suey!!!". They asked me to leave.

Here are all the pidgeons that attack me often in Trafalgar square. This is right across from our school building so i have to walk through those stupid birds all the time. They land on me sometimes.

More next week when we hit Munich. I hope and pray that all of you are doing great and please email me whenever.

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