Edinburgh, Scotland

January 25 - 27

We had a great time this past weekend in Edinburgh. We got to see most all of the town, as its not very big at all (only 500,000 people) It is an extremely old city marked by its awesome castle right in the MIDDLE of town. There is a picture of the castle, and the cliff it resides on. Truly a cool experience. I saw lots about Braveheart but did not get outside of town to see his statue. Enjoy these pictures and, as always, email me whenever.

This is Edinburgh Castle. This is in the middle of town. It is sitting on a black cliff that is made of molten lava rock thousands of years ago. One of the most impressive things i have seen in my life.

This is me at the top of the Scott Monument, with Edinburgh Castle over my shoulder. The top of the monument could only hold about 6 people, as it was the skinniest part of the very top of the steeple.

Here is the Scott Monument we climbed and from the previous picture. Its 200 feet tall and is a lot taller than it looks here. We took a circular stairway all the way to the top, taking about 5 minutes of solid circular walking up a path that gets skinnier and skinnier. The top door i could barely fit through.

This is 5 of the 6 of us on the middle level of the monument.

Me overlooking the "New" part of Edinburgh from the top of the cliff the Castle is on.

My group minus me at one of the cannons used to guard the uninvadable Edinburgh Castle

All 6 of us in the "Great Hall" of Edinburgh Castle. This is where all the Scottish kings were crowned, and where they sat on their thrown for dinners and meetings. We also saw the Scottish Crown Jewels, which are the oldest crown jewels in Europe, even older than the English ones. We couldn't take pics of them.

This is me on the Witch tour we went on. We are in some underground catacombs that were used by many poor people to live in, and are now haunted supposedly. Obviously, I was very scared.

Some pub that we went to. There were quite a few Notre Dame kids up there the same weekend as us, and we met a few Americans and Australians. The locals dont seem to like Americans much.

More pics at the pub. These were some ND girls there.

Me, Brad, and Jeff overlooking the harbor of Edinburgh. This part of the town used to be a separate town called Leith, but Edinburgh merged with it.

On the trip home the Airport was amusing and lets just say we got bored. I will let you guess who is Homer Simpson.

This is my whole group on the top of the double decker bus tour we took. The old guy on the right was our tour guide, and his name was Andrew. He was a firey Scottish dude that dislikes being called "English"

This is some more Notre Dame kids at the American pub that was attached to our hostel.

This is Francis taking pictures in our hostel room. We paid 10 pounds(15 dollars) per person per night to stay in the smallest room ever with 6 beds. We had a bathroom though. It was TINY, but we lived.

Here is us leaving the airport in Edinburgh getting on the bus into town

This is a church actually and the dome reminded us of the real Golden Dome in South Bend

John, Joe, n I are trying to act "hard" in this picture but I really cant look to mean.

This is some club that we went to that was actually in an old castle. It was not an all girls place as you would think by the name.

This is one of the coolest hills i have ever seen. Its the side of "Queen's Park" in Edinburgh. Please note that these pics of monuments and landmarks simply don't do them justice like seeing them in person.

This is us after dinner at a very famous Edinburgh pub, The Tron.

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